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2017 TOCICO International Conference in Berlin

The 2017 TOCICO International Conference will be held July 16th – 19th in Berlin, Germany. TOCICO Conferences are held each year to showcase the new developments of TOC applications. This year features applications including Texas State Government Management, Microsoft supply chain, Japanese ship building, solving the real estate crisis, Adobe software development, movie production, communication skills with autistic children, Nine TOC How-To full and 1/2 day workshops, and over 60 more sessions.

Here are some of the sessions and workshops, that will be presented in Berlin at 2017 TOCICO International Conference.

Projects Contracting: A New Field of TOC-Why Critical Chain Fails in the Real World and How to Fix it with (COC) Common Objectives Contracts

Joe Cooper – Unifying Organizations Through Harmony on Projects: A Critical Chain (CCPM) Basics Workshop

Eli Schragenheim – Key Insights of TOC

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